How to start your career as a Digital Marketer

How to start your career as a Digital Marketer

Are you considering a career as a Digital Marketer? This could be the best career decision you have taken! The journey is not difficult, but can be more productive with a good step-by-step plan. Here is a guide to help you get started.

Learn the Fundamentals

Understand the basic concepts of digital marketing. Learn about terms like Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. You can also learn from some certification courses available online.

Learn about Digital Marketing tools.

Digital marketing is done effectively with the help of many tools. Some tools help you create content, some help with SEO, and others help with performance analysis. Some essential tools include Canva, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and MailChimp. Apart from these, other tools are also available that make it easier for Digital marketers. Try to familiarize yourself with as many tools as possible to understand which suits you best.

Recognize your Niche.

You must know by now that you can gain expertise in many sub-sections of digital marketing. While learning about the fundamentals and the tools, try to identify your niche. It could be content creation, social media marketing, analytics, etc.

Get Experience

Digital marketing is one field in which learning just the theory is useless. You must be able to implement the knowledge you gained. And like everything else, the more experience you earn, the more you learn. The first step toward getting hands-on experience should be to build your blog or website. You can implement everything you learned on this website, like content creation, SEO, ads, analytics, etc. You may also work on other small projects to build your portfolio because that is the next step.

Build a Portfolio

Build a creative portfolio that has details of all the best work that you have done. Adding the analytics of how you helped a site grow in traffic, engagement, sales, etc., will be your highlight. Include details of any relevant courses that you have completed.

Personal Branding

Create a professional online presence. Your professional pages must be optimized and contain details about your skill set, experience, and contact details to help you land a job/project. Use personal branding techniques by choosing a color scheme, a tone for your brand, and a professional profile picture, and consistently make relevant posts on your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.


Networking is vital in this field. Join online groups with other digital marketers. You may attend conferences or other events that can help you learn about the newest developments in the industry while you network with like-minded professionals.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you can look for entry-level job opportunities or venture independently as a freelancer. Digital marketing is one of the most flexible and in-demand jobs currently. Start with learning the fundamentals and gain as much experience as possible in using the tools. Provix Academy offers the best digital marketing course in Kerala which can help you in your journey. You are close to a promising career. All the best!


How can Digital Marketing help you earn a better career, regardless of background?

How can Digital Marketing help you earn a better career, regardless of background?

Digital Marketing is the latest era of marketing. Even though it has been evolving gradually over the decades, we may say it is at its zenith today. Digital marketing has blurred the qualifications boundaries and opened career avenues for people from all backgrounds. However, the competition is very high. Therefore, being the best in what you do is the only option for reaping the benefits of being in this exciting field. There is immense scope for people with creativity, business acumen, data analysis, and tech-savvy.


Almost every brand, small or big, uses digital marketing to grab the attention of its audience. Creativity in finding new ways of doing so has more value than ever. If your creativity is in writing, graphic designing, content creation, and so on, the digital marketing field has a space for you. Is the field only for creative minds? Let’s find out.

Data Analysis

If you are the kind to be mathematically inclined and interested in collecting and interpreting data, you have a niche, too. Digital marketing relies heavily on data analysis. The engagement and traffic on a particular post or page are analyzed to understand if it resonates with the target audience. Such analysis could also help identify a target audience and support lead generation.

Business Acumen

This one is explicit. If you have marketing and business management talent, you can directly help reach more people, generate leads, and improve sales. Even if your field of expertise has not been in digital marketing, you can still find a niche that primarily benefits from your competence. After all, marketing principles are the same everywhere.

Tech Savvy

If you are great with technology and are excited to learn about new tools and platforms, you can be a boon to any digital marketing project. New tools are arriving at the scene very often. You can support the marketing team by introducing the latest tools and simplifying the process for the entire team.

Benefits of a Career in Digital Marketing

  • Flexibility: Digital marketing can be done remotely and at any time. This makes it a suitable career for professionals, college students, stay-at-home parents, etc.

  • Networking: Digital marketing offers an excellent opportunity to network with people all over the globe who may have approached you for work or are seeking a community of like-minded digital marketers. This field depends a lot on learning from each other.

  • Continuous Learning: The digital marketing field is continuously growing. Every brand tries to develop innovative ways of creating brand awareness and improving sales. Therefore, it is inevitable that you stay updated with the latest trends and technology.


You can develop a career in digital marketing if you have the will to be in a dynamic field that requires constant updating. Regardless of your strengths, you can find a niche for yourself in the digital marketing scene. If you want to understand more about the field, you can also take courses from leading educational institutes. Provix Academy is the best digital marketing institute in Kerala. It is a highly lucrative and flexible industry, making it a better career option for many people.

The marketing strategies that drove ‘Dove’

The marketing strategies that drove ‘Dove’

About the brand ‘Dove’

Launched in 1957, Dove is a highly popular personal care brand that comes under Unilever. Ever since its inception, this US brand has been offering a comprehensive array of products for men, women and babies. Its unique logo featuring the silhouette of a bird has registered well in the minds of the public. 

The brand slowly but successfully started expanding its product line from 1970 onwards. So much so that by the 90s, its market value grew considerably and its products were sold in over 150 countries.

The phenomenal success of the brand was attributed to the reputation and goodwill it garnered from various countries through inventive marketing tactics that resonated emotionally with the target audience.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at a few such strategies that drove the success story of Dove.

Strategy 1

Pioneering the concept of real beauty

A step ahead for a beauty oriented brand by all means, this brave,inventive and revolutionary billboard campaign featuring regular women in place of professional models instantly grabbed the eyeballs of the public and made them introspect about the true meaning of beauty.

It proved to be a stand out strategy in those times where the advertisements were mostly centred around high-paying female and male models. 

The campaign’s influence is so deep that the concept of #RealBeauty turned into a commonly used hashtag.

Strategy 2

Speaking Beautifully on Twitter

Dove has been always at the forefront of insightful and groundbreaking digital campaigns. But 2015’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign launched in partnership with Twitter managed to counter negative tweets about body image. 

The video ad shot on the basis of this campaign was aired during the 2015 Oscars pre-show.

Throughout 2015, women used #SpeakBeautiful more than 168,000 times and drove 800 million social media impressions of the campaign.

Strategy 3

Real Women Campaign

This 2017 campaign that won laurels turned the spotlight on determination, grit and talent of real women. Partnering with  Shutterstock, a group of award-winning photographers were specifically roped in for the campaign that conveyed the essence of #RealBeauty.

 This campaign too went a long way in altering the perception around real beauty and initiated important conversations on it.

Strategy 4

‘No Distortion’ campaign

The  ‘No Distortion’ campaign launched specifically for females between 16 to 25 years was a clever campaign that won hearts.  The “No Digital Distortion” mark, a symbol to confirm that a picture had not been digitally altered, was introduced as part of the campaign. 

The mark went on to appear on all of Dove’s products as well as the branded and social media content.

Conceiving Strategies that matter

The aforementioned successful campaigns which were launched and executed with a precise plan have together given a distinct positioning to the brand ‘Dove’ and made it stand out from the competitors. The value  for the brand has increased in the minds of people through sensible and sharp strategizing and this has effectively translated into sales. This case study further goes on to prove that it is essential to build a positive perception of the brand for it to succeed. And that no brand can survive solely on the basis of sale based advertisements.

This leads to the importance of creative inventive strategies that will be appreciated by the public in the name of socially responsible marketing. At ProVix Academy, one of the best digital marketing institutes in Kochi, we will offer you more such valuable insights on the essentialities of strong branding communications and strategies that stand the test of time.

Equip yourself with more such valuable information on branding, marketing, analytics and all other important facets of Digital Marketing by enrolling for the best digital marketing course in Kochi.